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Personal Loan

We offered our services in providing Personal Loan for any purpose. Our wide expertise in this area allows us to offer client the helping hand with immediate effect right from your request. Our personal loans are meant for business as well as for personal purpose.

Personal loans are any purpose loan which are given without any collateral or guarantor. This is a very unique loan product wherein the borrower is at his/her discretion to do whatever they need.

In other words , unlike any other loan product viz a car loan or a consumer durable loan or a housing loan, a personal...

Category Scheme Existing Rate New Interest Rate Personal

Loan Scheme Up to Rs.50, 000/- 12% 16.75% Rs.50, 001 - Rs.1, 00, 000/- 17.25% 17.25% Rs.1, 00, 001 - Rs.2, 00, 000/- 18.25% 18.25%


If you have any querry for Corporate Loan... We are available